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Electrical Supplies

Superior Industrial Supply offers electrical products from leading manufacturers including 3M, Deka, Coleman Cable, Hellerman-Tyton and many others. We've got it all - from cables, wire and connectors to terminals, nuts, fuses and much more. And be sure to check out our monthly specials.

Products we carry:


Automotive Circuit Breakers & FusesHeat shrink assortments, Wire/cable tie color assortments, Wire/cable tie black assortments, Heat shrink solder butt assortments, Nylon crimp-on terminal assortments, Vinyl crimp-on terminal assortments, Battery terminal assortments

Automotive Circuit Breakers & Fuses

AGA Glass fuses, AGC Glass fuses, AGW Glass fuses, AGX Glass fuses, SFE Glass fuses, GBL fuses, Mini blade fuses, ATO Blade fuses, Max blade fuses, ATO Manually resettable fuses, In-Line fuse holders, Fuse clip adapters, Scotchlok fuse holders, Stud (10-32) only type circuit breakers, Stud (10-32) & 7/32 mounting hole type circuit breakers, Blade type circuit breakers, Universal adjustable blade type circuit breakers, Glass fuse snap-in type circuit breakers

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Batteries & Bulbs

Batteries & BulbsRayovac alkaline AAA, Rayovac alkaline AA, Rayovac alkaline C, Rayovac alkaline D, Rayovac alkaline 9-volt, Rayovac 6-volt Premium Industrial Carbon Zinc batteries, Lantern batteries, Battery cleaner, Rough service light bulbs, Mini light bulbs, Flashlight bulbs, Halogen bulbs, Hearing aid batteries, AAAA batteries



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Cable, Cords & Wire

Cable, Cords & Wire Battery cable, Welding cable, Trailer cable, Jumper cables, Booster cables, Primary wire, Extension cords, Multi-conductor cables, Service cords, Starter cables, Ground cables, Mechanics wire

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Cable, Cord & Wire Accessories

Cable, Cord & Wire AccessoriesHellerman-Tyton cable ties, Heat shrink, Split loom cable wrap, Fabric loom cable wrap, Wire tie mounting base, Booster cable clamps, Wire ties, Cable tie tension tools, Tube clamps, Half tube clamps, Nylon tube clamps, Insulated tube clamps, Adhesive back wire clips, 3M 33+ Electrical tape, PVC Electrical tape, Splicing tape, Rubber tape, Linerless tape, Tartan tape, Glass tape



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Connectors & Terminals

Connectors & Terminals Battery cable ends, Uninsulated butt connectors, Nylon butt connectors, Heat shrink butt connectors, Uninsulated Ring terminals, Nylon Ring terminals, Heat shrink Ring terminals, Scotch locks, Closed-end connectors, Hook connectors, Uninsulated spade connectors, Nylon spade connectors, Heatshrink spade connectors, Snap plugs, Snap plug receptacles, Male nylon insulated quick disconnects, Male non-insulated quick disconnects, Male heatshrink quick disconnects, Female nylon quick disconnects, Female non-insulated quick disconnects, Female heatshrink quick disconnects, Wire nuts, Flag terminals, Pigtail connectors, Test/alligator clips, Piggybacks, Wire nuts, Porcelain wire nuts, High temperature wire nuts, Multi-colored wire nuts, Red/Yellow 3M wire nuts, Tan/Red 3M wire nuts, Orange/blue 3M wire nuts, Spit bolt connectors, Puso-on terminals, Pin terminals, Snaplock spade connectors, flange block spade connectors, Block spade connectors, Step butt connectors T-Tap 3-way connectors, T-Tap 4-way connectors, Nylon terminals (10 - 22 gauge), Vinyl terminals (10 - 22 gauge)

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Lighting & Accessories

Lighting & AccessoriesRayovac Roughneck Xtreme 2AA Xenon bulb flashlights, Rayovac Industrial 2Cell D Yellow Krypton bulb flashlights, Rayovac Industrial Xtreme 2Cell D Xenon bulb flashlights, Rayovac Industrial Xtreme 3Cell D Xenon bulb flashlights Rayovac Industrial 2Cell D Yellow Krypton bulb & magnet flashlights, Rayovac Plastic 6AA Multi LED flashlights, Rayovac Luxeon 1W LED High Beam flashlights, Rayovac Luxeon K2 LED High Beam Headlight, Rayovac Industrial 6 Volt lantern with pivoting stand , Flashlight bulbs, Flashlight batteries, Head lamps, Single head portable lighting, Dual tripod portable lighting, Single magnetic base portable lighting, Rough service bulbs

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Battery Terminals & Lugs

1GA - 4/0 Butt connectors, 1GA - 4/0 Ring cable lugs, Marine wing terminals, Mega lugs, Heavy duty battery terminals (HDBT), Brass battery terminals, Lead battery terminals, Battery bolts, Battery nuts, Battery clips, Battery holder bolts, 2GA - 1/0 3-way battery terminals, Copper lugs, Tinned copper lugs, Left angle battery terminals, Right angle battery terminals, Straight battery terminals, Wing nut battery terminals, Stud type battery terminals, Flag post battery terminals, Side mount battery terminals, Universal battery terminals, Bolt-on battery terminals, Battery terminal protector, Battery terminal cleaner, Battery stack nuts, Double barrel battery terminals, Charging posts, Side terminal posts

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Tools Crimping tools, Post & terminal cleaner, Wire strippers, Wire cutters, Wire crimpers, Cable crimpers, Battery terminal crimpers, Cable cutters, Cable strippers, Cable tie tension tool, Battery hydrometer, Butane torches




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