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Superior offers an array of assortments of all types - fasteners, electrical, abrasives, hose & fittings and tools. Choose from our ready-made selections, or let us create a custom assortment for you.

Special Offer


Buy 4 large-drawer assortments and get a 4-drawer slide rack, FREE! (a $75.00 value)

Assortment trays from Superior Industrial Supply help you:

  • Find it faster 
  • Ensure you have what you need, when you need it
  • Manage inventory – get an accurate read on what you need and what you don’t

Abrasive Assortments

Assortment Tray Abrasive disk & flap wheel assortments, made-to-order-assortments

Electrical Assortments

Heat shrink assortments, Wire/cable tie color assortments, Wire/cable tie black assortments, Heat shrink solder butt assortments, Nylon crimp-on terminal assortments, Vinyl crimp-on terminal assortments, Battery terminal assortments, made-to-order-assortments

Fastener Assortments

Assortment Rack StandGrade 5 cap screw SAE assortments, Grade 5 cap screw USS assortments, Grade 8 cap screw SAE assortments, Grade 8 cap screw USS assortments, L-9 Cap screw assortments, Grade 5 cap screw assortments, Grade 8 cap screw assortments, Aluminum blind rivet assortments, Copper flat washer assortments, Drill & tap (TEK) screw assortments, Metric hex head cap screw assortments, Metric socket head assortments, Hex washer head tapping screw assortments, Phillips pan head tapping screw assortments, Phillips round head machine screw assortments, Stainless steel Phillips pan head machine screw assortments, Socket head cap screw assortments, Socket set screw assortments, Internal/External star washer assortments, USS/SAE Socket set screw assortments, Phillips round head assortments, Cotter pin assortments, Clevis pin assortments, External retaining ring assortments, Wodruff key assortments, Spring pin assortments

Black pipe assortments

Assortment Tray Rack 1" Black pipe assortments, 1/8" - ¼" Black pipe assortments, ¾" Black pipe assortments, 3/8" - ½" Black pipe assortments, made-to-order-assortments

Tool Assortments

Drill bit sets, Hex key sets, Ball end hex key sets, Carbide bur sets, Welding tip cleaner drill sets, Screw extractor sets, Hole saw kits, Easy Out screw extractor sets, made-to-order-assortments

Hose & Fitting Assortments

Custom assortments, made-to-order-assortments
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